Closing Information

closing Information

Buying or refinancing your home is an important decision and you want to feel comfortable with the people that you are working with.

North Port Title likes to educate our clients as we move through the process so that you do feel comfortable. If there is a Lender, Builder and/or Realtors involved we work with all of the parties so that we are able to meet your needs.

There are important bits of information that you need to know before your closing:

  1. Bring a current Government Issued Picture ID to your closing.
  2. If you are to bring money to the closing table, make sure that you know the amount the day before. Title companies can only accept cashiers checks or wired money into their escrow accounts. We only accept Wired funds at closing.
  3. If you are wiring money make sure you have the correct wiring instructions for North Port Title’s bank.
  4. Make sure you have the correct name on the cashiers check – it should be made out to North Port Title.
  5. If you are closing on a Mobile Home make sure that you have the titles with you and if it is a double or triple wide there will be a title for each side.
  6. If you are refinancing and you have a survey, chances are that we will not have to have another one completed unless you have added on to your home, added a pool or any process that needed you or your contractor to get a permit from the building department. We can also use your prior owners Title Policy to give you a discount on the new Mortgage Policy.
  7. For new purchases, a past survey may also be used as long as the lender does not object and the same rules apply regarding changes to the property. The lender and the title company’s underwriter may ask that the survey be re-certified by the surveyor into the lenders’ names and/or the Title Insurance Company name.
  8. Review your settlement statement prior to closing so that if you have any questions or something needs to be changed you can have that taken care of prior to sitting down at the closing table.



We are underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, a highly recognized company in the business.